Author: Juan Hurtado

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Myth of the Well-Rounded Applicant

The Well-Rounded Ones “Universities want well-rounded students.”  This fatal assumption leads applicants to rejection every year. While this misconception makes intuitive sense, the truth is that admissions officers are trying to...

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The Path to Graduate School

The Path Forward The process of applying to graduate school is significantly more complex than undergraduate applications, and it will be very important to allow yourself enough time to collect the...

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Things to Consider Before Grad School

Consider This: Before applying to graduate schools, you should reflect on yourself, your interests, and your goals. While your academic focus may change with time and exposure to a university’s recourses,...

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Personal Statement for Grad School

Make it Personal The personal statement is a much more nuanced paper than the college admissions paper you wrote when applying to undergrad. This time around, the admissions committee is not...

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Writing a Killer Recommenders Outline

We all wish for professors, mentors, and supervisors who are perspicacious and always observant of each of our remarkable achievements. Unfortunately, these sorts of people are hard to come by....

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Choosing the Right Recommenders

Having strong recommendation letters is a guaranteed way to significantly improve your application, and is almost as, if not equally important to your success as your application essays. While your...

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9 Tips for Formal Writing Style

The Style of Formal Writing Your college application essay is a formal piece of writing. The purpose of formal writing is for it to be as clear, well-constructed, and unambiguous as...

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Make No Mistakes About It!

Everyone Makes Mistakes Here, for your perusal we have compiled a list of misuses, misspellings, and colloquialisms that often find their way into college application essays. Small language errors may seem...

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