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9 Tips for Formal Writing Style

The Style of Formal Writing Your college application essay is a formal piece of writing. The purpose of formal writing is for it to be as clear, well-constructed, and unambiguous as...

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Prompt - Feedback for Grammar

5 Tips for Proper Grammar

The Importance of Proper Grammar Before thinking about content, it is important that you stay away from common grammatical mistakes, which are red flags for college admissions officers. Because of the...

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Differentiate Your College Application

There are only four ways to differentiate yourself from the other applicants: your résumé, essays, recommendations, and interview (if the school has one). What difference do grades and test scores...

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Introspective Writing: What to Avoid

Your introspective statements are the most important aspect of your essay. They speak for your logical and deductive reasoning ability, your ability to extract necessary relevant ideas from events, your...

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How to Include Supporting Evidence

The best way to support your point is through the use of supporting evidence. This enables you to “show” your best attributes rather than “tell” (i.e. brag). Supporting evidence can...

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Essay Rules: Show, Don’t Tell

Weaving In Stories and Evidence Throughout Your Essay Demonstrating Your Qualities without Bragging There is a fine line between a confident, capable applicant and an arrogant, self-absorbed applicant. You may find yourself...

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Girl Writing Paper

4 Ways to Improve Your SAT Essay

All of us at Prompt are passionate about writing. John, one of our co-founders, wrote a book about the SAT Essay called the SAT Essay Ace Template. Writing an SAT...

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What Do Colleges Actually Look For?

These are the three things colleges actually look for in your application: Ever read a college’s post about what they look for in applicants? It’s all fluff. It’s hard to distill...

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