Newsletter 10/8/2015

Rock Your College Application

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Newsletter 10/8/2015

Hello from Prompt!

Does the date November 1 ring a bell? It should if you’re applying to any schools under an early admission plan! Many schools – for instance, Stanford, the University of Virginia, Boston College, the University of Chicago, MIT, Harvard, and Notre Dame – have 11/1 early application deadlines, and many more have deadlines on the fifteenth.

In other words, you’ve got less than four weeks to get cracking! This week, we’ll present a timeline that will help you write an awesome application on the double.

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We’ve broken down the application creation process into three steps: generation, writing, and revision.

If you have no idea how to apply to a college, click here: we’ve compiled a guide to help you out.

Step 1: Generation (Finish by 10/12)

In this step, you should brainstorm a topic for all relevant essays – there will certainly be a main one, and many schools have supplementary ones – and come up with a list of activities. It’s probably a good idea to start filling out the personal information on your application, too.

If you’re writing a common application essay, we’ve compiled a guide to picking the perfect prompt.

Step 2: Writing (Finish by 10/22)

Once you’ve come up with winning ideas, you need to flush them out! Take a little over a week and crank out all of your essays and activity descriptions. It will probably help to create an outline before you start writing.

As you write, remember to develop a thesis that adequately addresses the promptand to spend most of your essay talking about yourself, not a story!

Step 3: Revision (Finish by 10/31)

The key to great writing is lots and lots of revision. Your first drafts probably won’t be good, but your third drafts will be! We’ve compiled a guide on how to revise your own work, but if you want an expert to help you, Prompt would love to assist.

We’ll edit your 650-word common application essay in 48 hours for $28 or in 6 hours for $37. We also provide professor quality feedback on supplements, resumes, and other college essays as well. You’ll love your feedback, and more importantly, you’ll love your finished product.

Good luck this week!

The Prompt Team

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