Newsletter 7/21/2015

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Newsletter 7/21/2015

Hello from Prompt!

This week, we’re going to discuss “showing off without seeming like an arrogant prick” and “the ins and outs of writing your thesis statement.” If you missed last week’s newsletter on brainstorming and using introspection, you can read it here!

One measure of a college application’s quality is how easily a college admissions officer can justify rejecting it. Admissions officers have emotions! The best applicants capitalize upon this by making their admissions officers like them.

A surefire way to avoid doing this is by coming off as arrogant. Admissions officers, especially those at elite colleges, love rejecting braggarts. We’ve had to tell a plethora of people to tone down their written vanity, and many of them have had the same response.

“How?” they ask. “I need to make myself look awesome!”

Here’s a secret: you can look amazing without sounding like a jerk. The key is how you demonstrate your awesomeness. Check out our writing center article on showing instead of telling (your English teachers were right all along!). With a little practice, your readers will love you for your accomplishments.

Now that your mind is filled with modesty, we have a treat for you. It’s time to start deciding exactly what to write about and develop a working thesis! Every great college application essay has a great thesis, but they don’t all start with one. Your thesis should evolve as you revise your application essay.

We love thesis statements, and we’ve dedicated an entire writing center article to them.

Every college application essay — no matter how good the first draft — needs some fine-tuning. For $28 for 48-hour feedback or $37 for 6-hour feedback on your 650 word essay, we’ll help you make sure your thesis is impactful and your writing is free of arrogance. Unlike your admissions officers, we’ll happily read more than one version if the first one paints a negative picture of you (and we’ll think you’re great no matter what).

Upload your essay now for feedback that will set your application apart! Want more? Use the promo code eBook to get $10 off your first edit, and be sure to download our FREE EBOOK for even more college admissions wisdom.

It’s time to get cracking on your application essays! We’re psyched to see what you have to say.

-The Prompt Team

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