Newsletter 8/4/2015

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Newsletter 8/4/2015

Greetings from Prompt!

Comma splices are sneaky, they can be hard to spot, and you probably didn’t notice the one in this sentence! Likewise, there are many other hard-to-see grammar mistakes that you may not know about; including them in your final essay could spell disaster.

This week, we’re going to make you a grammatical maestro. We’ll give you some tips for quickly spotting grammar mistakes and show you four clever hacks that will make your writing sound amazing!

Our weekly recap: last week, we taught you what not to include in your essay. You can read any of our newsletters here!

Grammar is confusing. Colons, commas, semicolons, modifiers, and parallelism seem to jumble themselves together in a terrifying web. This can make it hard to be eloquent! Before you start writing, be sure to read about our five points to clean up your grammar.

Now that you’re thinking about grammar, we’re going to get a little bit less technical. We’ve come up with four writing hacks that we think every college app essay should leverage:

  1. Semicolons can usually fix comma splices. This will make your grammar both correct and interesting.

  2. Colons can correctly be used to explain things, and we’ve developed an easy formula to help you do it!

  3. You can maximize your chances of admission by maximizing your word count. Countless studies have shown that people perceive lengthier writing as better. As an added bonus, writing more allows your admissions officer to get to know you better.

  4. The passive voice is easily converted into the active voice, and using the active voice will save you valuable words (can you spot where we used the passive voice in this email?).

To learn more about all of our cool tricks, check out our four easy ways to make your writing better on the Writing Center!

Although we pride ourselves in our feedback on essay structure and flow of thought, we emphasize grammar editing just as much. Even the best writers occasionally make grammatical errors.

Upload your essay now, and a pair of expert eyes from Prompt will ensure your work is a model of grammatical perfection! For $28 for 48-hour feedback or $37 for 6-hour feedback on your 650-word essay, you can let us worry about nitpicky details and instead spend your time crafting the perfect essay.

Don’t know how to write the perfect essay? No problem. Download our FREE EBOOK and we’ll show you! Better yet, use the promo code eBook when you upload your essay and get $10 off your first edit.

Whether or not you write good, we’re excited to help you craft your admissions masterpiece!

The Prompt Team

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