Newsletter 9/24/2015

Rock Your College Application

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Newsletter 9/24/2015

Hello from Prompt!

Though your essays make you stand out as an applicant, a great essay isn’t the only essential component of a great college application. Colleges are looking for people who will make an impact on campus, so part of your job as an applicant is to demonstrate a proven track record of positive influence through the activities section.

This week, we’ll teach you a simple formula that will make your activities look better than your peers’ will – even if they aren’t!

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The progression for deciding which activities to include on your college application seems simple enough: brainstorm a list of ten (or, for some schools, fewer!) activities, prioritize them, and then write descriptions for them. The latter two are difficult enough on their own, but the third trips up the majority of people.

As we mentioned, there is a simple formula for writing impactful activity descriptions: “I accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z].” You’ll want to say this in more varied, interesting words for your activities, but be sure to incorporate as many numbers as possible. Percentages, person counts, and dollar amounts all tend to turn heads; admissions counselors adore specifics!

“Grew the basket weaving club over two years” is much less impressive than “Successfully implemented two-year plan to grow basket weaving club from 10 to 50 members!” Do you see the accomplishment, measurement, and means in the second example? You can and should apply this formula to your essay as well: it’s a great way to create concise sentences for supporting evidence.

If you want to learn more about writing awesome activities sections, click here to read the rest of our tips on our writing center! If you want to focus on descriptions,we have an article dedicated to those, too.

Don’t let the activities section’s shortness fool you: it absolutely makes a difference in your application, and investing a few extra hours in it now will pay dividends once admissions decisions come out! Once you write your activities section, Prompt would love to help you optimize it. For just $18 for 48-hour feedback or $24 for 6-hour feedback on your 250-word activities section, we’ll make sure your descriptions focus on impact, your ordering makes sense, and your activities sound compelling.

It’s almost October! College applications will come due before you know it: be sure to start soon to ensure you have a top-notch end product.

The Prompt Team

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