Newsletter 9/30/2015

Rock Your College Application

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Newsletter 9/30/2015

Greetings from Prompt!

College planning can be a nightmare. Where should I go to school? When are the deadlines for everything? How do I prepare for college? Should I consider taking a gap year?

Thankfully, Prompt has teamed up with to provide you some guidance. Read on to learn about college planning and prep tools, spectacular gap year programs, and many other wonderful summer and community service programs to grow your experiences and skills before you start school.

Got those applications finished yet? Oh, you haven’t even started? Prompt has everything you need to write your killer application with our FREE eBook download. Better yet, we can help you turn a rejection into an acceptance with our essay and application feedback. And remember, if you haven’t applied for the easiest $10,000 Scholarship in history, click here. is the largest online directory of programs geared towards high school students and soon-to-be college students. It is FREE and enables you to find and connect with all sorts of great programs including:

  • Community service: Get involved with one or more of 1,000 community service organizations across the United States
  • Gap year: Ivy League institutions such as Harvard are starting to recommend gap years. Find 400+ fascinating programs
  • Summer: It’s never too early to start planning an amazing summer to prepare you for college or just have a great time before it starts
  • STEM: Connect with great science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs taking place both during school and over the summer
  • Therapeutic: Health and wellness programs focused on teens across the United States

Better yet, pick up a copy of’s FREE College Planning Checklist + Calendar to help you keep track of important tasks and deadlines.

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about and we hope you take advantage of their great tools to help you succeed. Just remember that deadlines are coming upon us quickly. Pick up your FREE College Planning Checklist + Calendar to stay on track and use Prompt to get great feedback on your college applications!

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