Newsletter 9/9/2015

Rock Your College Application

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Newsletter 9/9/2015

Hello from Prompt!

Ask yourself a simple question: what’s the point of a college application essay? You tell an interesting story and display enough writing prowess to show that you are a unique individual worthy of admission, right? Wrong!

This week, we’re going to show you how to structure the body of a college application essay that will get you in – not keep you out.

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Storytelling won’t get you admitted. Good writing alone won’t get you admitted. Only one thing will: selling yourself and your accomplishments. Since essay prompts typically ask for a story, your task is simply to figure out how to weave the correct story (or stories) into an essay that proves to whoever reads it that you deserve an acceptance letter.

We’ve compiled two strategies for effectively using stories as supporting evidence: using one long narrative, and using multiple short anecdotes. Learn more about them here!

Now that you know how to include supporting evidence, it’s time for a quick review of how to write an essay body. Even though the standard “five-paragraph” essay format can be boring, it helps writers convey meaning clearly and effectively: exactly what is necessary for college applications!

Remember that every paragraph should start with a topic sentence, contain supporting details that reinforce the essay’s main argument, and end with a transition sentence. For more great ideas about great bodies, head to our writing center!

Prompt has seen enough essays to know that crafting a body attractive enough to get you admitted can be a hefty challenge. Luckily, our editors have helped countless college applicants beat this challenge! For $28 for 48-hour feedback or $37 for 6-hour feedback on your 650-word essay, we’ll help you make sure your supporting evidence is woven in skillfully and your body flows perfectly. Upload your essay now!

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It’s time to get writing! The first college application deadlines are seven weeks away – increase your chances of being admitted by starting as early as you can!

The Prompt Team

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