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Short and Sweet: How to Write the Purdue Supplemental Essays for 2020-21

In addition to the Common or Coalition app essays, Purdue University has two required supplemental e...
Reina Dec 11, 2019 11:34:43 AM

How to Write the 2020-21 SDSU Honors College Essay: Get into Weber!

San Diego State's Weber Honors College essays are key — SDSU doesn't admit everyone who fits the GPA...
Reina Dec 8, 2019 1:22:47 PM

How to Write a Graduate School Statement of Purpose

Every graduate school statement of purpose should include two things:
Reina Dec 4, 2019 8:00:00 AM

How to Write the UCAS Personal Statement

If you want to study in the UK, a strong UCAS personal statement is a must. This single essay will g...
Reina Dec 3, 2019 7:30:00 AM

How to Write College Supplemental Essays

Don’t be afraid of applying to colleges that require supplemental essays! These supplements, which c...
Reina Dec 2, 2019 12:33:54 PM

Writing the University of San Diego Application Essays 2020-21

For the first University of San Diego application essay, you'll have to put on your sorting hat, and...
Reina Nov 26, 2019 4:09:23 PM

How to Write the Pepperdine Supplement Essay

The Pepperdine essay supplement asks you to dig into something very personal: your relationship with...
Reina Nov 17, 2019 11:45:58 AM

How to Write a Common App Essay Part 2: Example Structures that fit the Common App Essay Word Limit

  The Common App essay word limit is unforgiving—just 650 words! This length drives a lot of student...
Reina Nov 11, 2019 8:48:25 AM

How to Write a Common App Essay Part 1: The Common App Essay Topics that Will Get You Into College

  The Common Application personal statement is the most important college admissions essay for anyon...
Reina Nov 5, 2019 1:39:18 PM

Answering the Updated Elon Supplements for 2019-20

UPDATE!  There are new Elon Supplements for 2020-21:  Check out our updated guide! There have been s...
Reina Nov 5, 2019 10:22:51 AM

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