School Supplements

The Simple “Why Us” Essay Strategy that Works | 2021 - 22

A successful Why Us essay indicates you’ll likely enroll if admitted and shows why you’re a good fit. Focus on how your academic interests match what the college offers.

How to Write Your Waitlist Essay

Your Waitlist Essay (aka, Letter of Continued Interest) serve two primary purposes: (1) share new (or additional) information that will make you a more compelling candidate and (2) confirm your level of interest in the school.

Impactful Résumé Descriptions

Once you have a draft of your résumé, your next step is to write brief descriptions for each activity or relevant experience.

How to Write the Dartmouth Essays (including “Why Dartmouth”) 2018-19

This guide will help you write the Dartmouth essays for 2018-19, and answer the key question: "Why Dartmouth?"

How to Ace Your Town and Gown USC Scholarship Essays for 2018-19

We’re going to explore how to approach your three Town and Gown USC essays so that you can show readers that you deserve this dough!