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Choosing the Best University of Arizona Honors College Essay Prompt 2019-20

If you’re applying to the Honors College at the University of Arizona, you’ll need to choose 1 of 3 supplemental essay prompts. This guide will help you choose a prompt that will help you show off your unique strengths in 500 words or less.

Let’s take a look at the University of Arizona Honors College essay prompts!


Prompt #1: Maturity

"A mature person is one who does not think only in absolutes, who is able to be objective even when deeply stirred emotionally, who has learned that there is both good and bad in all people and all things, and who walks humbly and deals charitably." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Maturity is a virtue that we all strive for but often find difficult to obtain. It is a quality that we must acquire at some point in our lives as we become adults. What do you think it means to be a mature person? Write a well-organized essay in which you describe what you think are some of the qualities that make a person mature.

Can you think of a time when you felt proud of the way that you handled a challenge or a difficult decision? If so, this prompt could be a good choice for you.

To write a compelling response to this prompt, you’ll need to answer two questions.

  • First, what do you think it means to be mature? You don’t have to perfectly match the Eleanor Roosevelt quote in the prompt, but you should clearly describe 1-3 traits or behaviors of a mature person.
  • Then, connect your definition of maturity to your own actions. What is a specific example of a time when you acted mature? How did you demonstrate the qualities of a mature person?

Let’s look at an example student’s topic:

  • Definition of Maturity: The willingness to put the needs of others above what I want.
  • Example from My Life: When my sister was struggling with her cancer treatments, I quit the varsity crew team so I could be there to support her.


Prompt #2: Relationships

We experience many types of relationships with our family and friends during our lifetimes. Some of these relationships survive over the years, while others deteriorate. What qualities are important to learn and develop in order to sustain healthy, lasting relationships? In a well-developed essay, discuss those qualities that you feel contribute to a healthy relationship. Support your answer with specific details or examples from your own experience or reading.

Admissions readers are interested in your relationships because they are looking for clues about what kind of community member you are.

Can you think of a lasting, healthy relationship where you helped someone, learned from someone, or collaborated with someone to work towards a goal? If so, this prompt could be a great choice for you!

A compelling response to this prompt will answer these brainstorming questions:

  • What is a healthy, lasting relationship from your life?
  • What are 1-3 qualities that were essential to the success of that relationship?
  • How has this experience prepared you to be a great community member at Arizona Honors College? (Tip: talk about this in your conclusion.)

Let’s look at an example student’s topic:

  • Traits of a Healthy Relationship: Patience, Trust
  • Example from My Life: Tutoring the same student for 3 years as a volunteer
  • Connection to Future: When my peers at Arizona Honors College are struggling with challenges, my patient and trustworthy nature will allow me to help them.


Prompt #3: Skills

Many people have argued that the skills needed to be successful in today's workforce have changed. What skills do you feel an individual needs to be successful in a job today? Why do you feel these skills are most important? In an essay to be read by a teacher, identify the skills you feel are most needed by an individual to be successful at work and provide reasons to persuade your teacher that these are the most critical skills for success.

In this University of Arizona Honors College essay prompt, the key word is “persuade.” If you choose this prompt, you’ll need to make a persuasive argument about which skills are most valuable for future career success, and provide supporting evidence.

Admissions readers will be looking for clues that you have thought about how best to prepare for your future goals. Choose this essay if you have clear career goals. You’ll want to connect your topic to your own future.

Here are some brainstorming questions to help you develop your topic:

  • What are 2-3 skills that you think are essential to success in the workforce today?
  • Can you back up that claim with examples from real life? Do some research. Try to support your arguments with evidence, such as data, real-life examples, or studies.
  • What are your career goals, and how will these skills help you succeed?


Tip: Complement Your Common App or Coalition App Essay

When you choose your University of Arizona Honors College essay prompt, consider how it will work with your Common App or Coalition App essay. Take the opportunity to show a different facet of who you are.


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