Starting and Submitting Draft Feedback

Submission Details:

This section will show you the details about the essay you are currently editing.  You will use the two buttons in this section to Start Feedback via Google Docs as well as Submit Feedback.  If you prefer to work in Word, use the download link.

Editor - edit screen Submission Details



Google Doc Users

If you are reviewing in Google Docs, you will see a button to Open the Google Doc to start your review.  Once you are finished with your review, use the Submit Google Doc With Feedback button.

Editor - Google users



Word Users

If you opted to review the essay in Word, your view will differ slightly.   

Editor word user submit feedback



Prompt and Word Counts

From your main essay view, you can quickly see the prompt the student is answering along with the word count for that prompt.  For essays that have multiple prompt options, you have access to those options in addition to the prompt the student selected.

Additionally, you can see all previous drafts for the current essay in the Previous Revisions section.

Editor - edit screen components supporting info

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