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How to Answer the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Essay Prompts

If you want to be a Golden Gopher, you’ll need to write two 150-word essays. That’s a pretty short word limit, but this guide will help you maximize every word!

Let’s take a look at the first University of Minnesota Twin Cities essay prompt!


Why Major?

Please include an explanation of why you would like to study the major(s) you have selected. You may also use this space to indicate your interest in other major(s) in the colleges listed above. (Maximum 150 words)

To win over the U of M admissions readers, you’ll need to include specific details about your interest in the University of Minnesota. Why are you excited to study your major at the U of M?

Before you write this University of Minnesota application essay, you’ll need to do research! Head over to their website and find your major. Explore the resources: Are there concentrations that you’re really excited to take, or features of the curriculum that will help you succeed? What about internships, research opportunities, or study abroad programs? Are there student groups that will help you explore your major outside of the classroom? Try to focus on opportunities that are specific to the University of Minnesota. And when you find something that you like, take notes!

Let’s look at an example student’s brainstorming list.

  • Major: International Business
  • Resources:
    • Classes on Global Entrepreneurship will prepare me for my career goals
    • CIBER Honors Research Circle for undergraduate International Business students
    • Global immersion program at Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki
    • Joining the Asian Business and Economics Student Association


For more help developing your content for this University of Minnesota Twin Cities essay prompt, check out our Why Major prewriting module!


Your Contribution

The University values diversity, broadly defined to include diversity of experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, and talents. Enrolling a diverse community of scholars interested in learning with and from each other fosters discussion and discovery inside and outside of the classroom. Please share briefly how you might contribute to, or benefit from, our community of scholars. (150 words)

This 150-word University of Minnesota Twin Cities essay prompt is optional, but it’s a good way to show that you’ll be a valuable member of the U of M’s dynamic student body. What will you contribute to the U of M’s diverse community?

First, identify something unique about your background or worldview. What’s something important about your life that you love to talk about?

For example:

  • I am a third-generation Somali immigrant
  • I am a body positivity activist
  • I attended a cultural immersion program in Japan last year

Then, explain how you will share it with others at the U of M, in or out of the classroom. What actions will you take to share your unique worldview with your peers? Are there specific opportunities at the U of M that will allow you to do this?

As you brainstorm, you might want to explore the U of M’s website and look for inspiration. Are there specific classes, campus events, or extracurriculars that will allow you to share your worldview? Or will you be a trailblazer and create a new opportunity?

Let’s revisit the example students and take a look at their ideas:

  • I hope to take on a leadership role in the Somali Student Association
  • I want to start a Body Positivity Club
  • I will share my experiences with my peers in Asian Languages and Literatures class discussions

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