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How to Craft an Outstanding Essay for the 2018-19 SDSU Weber Honors College Application

UPDATE: There are new SDSU Honors College application essay prompts for 2019-20. Check out our updated guide here!

Weber Honors College offers a unique, interdisciplinary education for motivated students at San Diego State University. The college aims to broaden students’ intellectual engagement by providing them with opportunities outside of their majors.

The SDSU Weber Honors College Application lets you choose between two prompts:

  1. If you were to develop a public monument like Mt. Rushmore or a community art mural, whose four faces would you select and why? Make sure you include your own personal reasons for the four faces you select and how these choices indicate that you are a good fit for the Weber Honors College.
  2. What is the most powerful conversation you have ever had and why? Be specific in your response and make sure you include how this conversation indicates that you are a good fit for the Weber Honors College.


In this guide, we’ll help you decide which prompt to answer and show you how you can get a strong start on your SDSU Weber Honors College application essay.


Step One: Choose a Prompt

Either prompt provides you with ample opportunity to show the reader who you are and what you can contribute to Weber. But one might suit you better than the other!

  • Pick the “public monument” prompt if you have a strong connection to your own community, an interest in politics and citizenship, or a passion for social justice.
  • Pick the “conversation” prompt if you feel that your personal growth is deeply linked to your relationships.


Step Two: Brainstorm

Next, you’ll want to pull out a fresh piece of paper and jot down some initial thoughts. Here are some questions to get your wheels turning.

  • Public Monument: What past and present social justice issues are you passionate about? Who has played an important role in advancing progress on these issues? Which figures do you most want to honor? Why? What do you think people today can learn from these figures?
  • Conversation: Have you ever had a conversation that changed your views in a significant way? Can you think of a conversation that helped you understand others more deeply? How were you different before you had this conversation? How did this conversation shape your subsequent actions?


Step Three: Make Connections

Both prompts ask you to clearly explain why you are a good fit for Weber. It may seem challenging to seamlessly connect your freewrite to the college’s mission and community values. Don’t worry: it’s easier than it sounds.

First, reflect on your freewrite and identify 1-2 core values that are clearly supported by your notes. For example, a student who recalled a powerful conversation with her grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, might state that she values dignity for all people.

Next, comb through the SDSU Honors College website to get a sense of their institutional values and how they put those values into action through their curriculum and student life. Connect each of the values you identified to 2-3 specific resources at San Diego State.

The student from the above example might choose:

  • Alternative Spring Break in Ghana
  • The honors class Humanity’s Journey Towards Evil or Hope
  • Volunteering with Alzheimer’s San Diego

Once you’ve defined your core values, writing the rest of your Weber Honors College application essay will be easy! You’ll begin your essay by elaborating on the ideas you discovered in your freewrite. Then, you’ll articulate your values and explain how you’ll enact them at Weber. In the end, you’ll have a cohesive application essay that shows the reader who you are and who you hope to become.


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