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How To Write Every TCU Essay

The Texas Christian University application has two required 100-word essays and one optional supplement that gives you more creative freedom. This guide will help you develop compelling topics for both of your TCU essays. It will also help you choose a good mode of expression for the sometimes-intimidating optional supplement!

First, let’s look at the TCU essay prompts.


How would you describe your personal character? (Recommended Length: 100 words)

  • This essay will only be about 100 words long, so focus on just one feature of your character. This will allow enough space for you to add concrete evidence.
  • First, choose one of your traits or values to write about.
  • Once you’ve chosen your topic, think of an experience from your life when you showed this trait or value. For example:
    • Value: Kindness
    • Example from life: Organized a fundraising concert to help with friend’s medical bills from cancer treatment
  • Once you have your topic and example, add more supporting details to explain how this experience is an example of your character.


Why TCU:

What makes TCU a great fit for you? (Recommended Length: 100 words)

In this 100-word TCU essay, try to provide a few specific examples of why TCU is a great fit for you.

Step One: Make a list of 2-3 features of TCU that you really like. What are your favorite things about TCU?

  • For example: maybe you really love a certain academic program, a learning opportunity like a research or internship program, a feature of the community, or something about the extracurriculars or campus life.
  • As you brainstorm, explore TCU’s website to help you come up with specific ideas that are unique to TCU.

Step Two: Jot down some notes about why you like these features of TCU. Why do you want to attend a school with these specific opportunities?

Here’s an example student’s brainstorming list:

  • Feature of TCU: the Finance program has a Real Estate concentration
    • Why I like this: it will prepare me for my career goals
  • Feature of TCU: the variety of campus faith organizations
    • Why I like this: I can explore my faith in new ways and make friends with other Christian students


Freedom of Expression or ZeeMee:

If you decide to complete this supplement, you’ll need to choose between the Freedom of Expression prompt or the ZeeMee prompt.

Completion of the questions below is optional. You may choose to complete Freedom of Expression or ZeeMee, but are not encouraged to do both.

Freedom of Expression: TCU values individuality and believes that students are more than just a GPA and test score. To help us get to know you even better, consider this opportunity to further express yourself. The only limitations are the boundaries of your imagination. Please upload an essay, poem, work of art or a URL that showcases another side of you

ZeeMee: TCU has partnered with ZeeMee, a free service ( that allows students to showcase themselves using an online profile. To submit your profile to TCU, paste your ZeeMee link here.

Instead of trying to impress the readers, take the opportunity to share something that truly makes you proud- anything from a painting, to a website, to a favorite recipe. Something creative that you made in school can be a great option-- especially if you can check with teachers to make sure that it’s appropriate material for a college application.

If you are skilled at expressing yourself on social media, or have trouble deciding, experiment with the ZeeMee option. (You can always fill out the profile and then submit something else!) Remember that, unlike “just for fun” social media profiles, your ZeeMee needs to have impeccable spelling and grammar.


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