Getting Started with CollegePlannerPro

Getting set up with Prompt take less than five minutes!

Watch the video or follow along with the tutorial


CPP Getting Started



1. From the Dashboard Tab in CPP, click Add/Remove Modules.

1 CPP add remove module


2.  Scroll down until you see Prompt.  Click Enable Prompt Module. (There may be a confirmation page that pops up.)

2 CPP enable prompt module


3. Once Prompt is enabled, you will access Prompt from your CollegePlannerPro Students tab.  

CPP access Prompt from student tab


4. Once in Prompt, you will see sample student, Intuitive Ivan.  He is there so that you can fully experience the platform without using an actual student's account.  

Intuitive Ivan in account for IEC's


From here you can:

- add an essay for a student

- view Ivan's essay list

- add new students


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