Platform Feature - Notes

The notes feature allows you and your students (and editors) to communicate about an essay all in one place!

At the bottom of each Essay Card, you will see the new "Notes" feature.

Notes work like a timeline, showing you the activity related to an essay and each note added by a student or your team members.

Details on Notes

  • When adding a new note, you can choose the audience – i.e., student or editor(s). Make sure you choose the right audience for the right note.
  • If you add a note for your editor(s), the note will be visible for the editor(s) when they pick up the essay to provide feedback.
  • Use the pencil icon next to a note to change who can see the note. Use the trash can icon to remove a note.
  • By default, we show only the notes that are visible to the student on your advisor page. If you want to see all notes, click the toggle icon displayed below:
  • When students submit a draft for review, they can add a note. The note will appear for you in the notes section. If you send the essay to your own editor (or the Prompt team), the note will be visible to the editor. 
  • When you submit an essay to Prompt for review, you will be able to add notes for Prompt's Essay Specialists to see. These notes are not visible to the student.
  • Students and advisors both receive notifications when notes are added to an Essay Card.

Even more details on Notes (if you want them)

  • If you work with your own editor(s), they can add a note for the student when they share a review. During the approval process, you can edit that note before it is returned to the student. 
  • If you upload an essay on behalf of a student (either as a Word document or Google Doc), you will see a box to enter a note. This note will only be visible to you and any editor who looks at the essay.
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