Submit an Essay to Prompt for your Student

To submit an essay to Prompt on behalf of your student, follow the steps below.   (NOTE: "Review Only" students do not have access to Prompt. This will be the workflow for each Review Only essay that needs to be submitted). 


Share an essay for review

First, make sure there is an essay assignment for the student. To add an essay assignment for a student, click the green arrow to the right of the student's name.

On the "Essays" tab, use the "+" button in the top right corner to add any of the main application essays. For school supplements, use the "Add Custom Assignment" option. Enter the prompt information and word count to create the assignment. 

There are two ways to upload an essay for review:

  1. Use the "+" button in the top right corner of any page and choose the "Upload" option. Choose a file, the student, and assignment. Make sure to indicate that the essay should go to "Prompt" for review. 
  2. On the "Essays" tab, click the green arrow to the right of the essay assignment to navigate to the Essay Card. Under "Start Writing," use the "Upload File" button. Make sure to indicate that the essay should go to "Prompt" for review.

When you submit an essay, you are able to indicate:

  • How selective the schools the student is applying to are
  • How willing the student is to revise their work
  • Any additional notes about the topic, the goal for the review, etc.

Once you submit the essay, the Essay Card will show "In Prompt Review." You can click on your Advisor To-do tab (left menu) and the "In Review" sub-tab to track your reviews. You'll get an email notification when the feedback has been returned (within 36 hours).

View and Approve Feedback

When you go back into Prompt, you will see a "Requires Your Approval" status in the expanded student view. Click that button to open the Approval screen.

On the Approval screen, use the "Open Google Docs" button in the middle of the screen to open and view the feedback. 

You can either approve the feedback as is or you can add your own personal touches to the Doc before sharing it with your students. 

Once you're ready to share the feedback with your student , return to the Approval screen and use the "Approve Feedback" button. 

NOTE – when you approve the feedback, Prompt will combine all notes and suggestions from you and our Essay Specialist and will display them as coming from "Editor." 

Share the review

For Review Only students, you will need to share the feedback outside of the Prompt system. Navigate to the Essay Card – green arrow to the right of the student's name, then green arrow to the right of the essay assignment. You can either click "Continue Writing" and share the Google Doc, or download the feedback in the Draft History to share a Word file. 

Parting Thoughts

  • We try to provide the highest quality feedback on every review. If you are ever dissatisfied with a review, you can let us know and our team will redo the feedback at no additional charge. 
  • You can always see the cost of a review before you submit it.
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