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How to Write a Super UIUC Essay for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for 2020-21

  The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has it all. Not only is UIUC a Big Ten school, but it ...
Bex Oct 13, 2020 1:57:50 PM

How to Write the Penn State Schreyer Honor College Essays 2020-21: Show Off Your Critical Thinking Skills

The Penn State Schreyer Honors College essays give you the chance to share not just your unique worl...
Lauren Oct 13, 2020 12:47:45 PM

How to Write the “Why Duke” Essay (and the rest of the Duke Supplements) for 2020-21

  Although all applicants to Duke University must write a “Why Duke” essay matching their specific p...
Nick Oct 12, 2020 2:00:26 PM

The Updated Cornell Supplemental Essay Prompts for 2020-21

There are seven program-specific Cornell essay prompts. That means that the supplemental essay you w...
Reina Oct 9, 2020 5:54:05 PM

How to Write Cornell's Human Ecology Essay: Connecting Your Interests to Cornell's Resources (2020-21)

Cornell wants to know how the College of Human Ecology will help you pursue your goals. This is your...
Lauren Oct 9, 2020 5:46:45 PM

How to Write the Cornell Engineering Essay 2020-21

All that's standing between you and admission to the Cornell College of Engineering is a pesky essay...
Nick Oct 9, 2020 4:01:32 PM

Those List Questions and "Why Columbia:" How to Nail Columbia's Supplemental Essays (2020-2021)

Columbia is the only college we know that asks you not only to write supplemental essays, but also t...
Catherine Oct 9, 2020 2:47:52 PM

How to Write Every USC Engineering Essay for 2020-21

As an applicant to the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering, you’ll hav...
Bex Oct 7, 2020 11:12:00 AM

How to Rock the Updated UW Honors Program Application 2020-21

The UW Honors Program prompts are just a little bit different this year. But don't panic! All they'v...
Bex Oct 1, 2020 2:49:00 PM

A Short Guide to the 2020 Common App COVID-19 Essay

Written by Prompt's CEO, Brad Schiller   To write, or not to write. That is the question I’ve been p...
Brad Sep 14, 2020 10:59:11 PM

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