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So, you’ve decided to apply to Boston University. You’ve crafted a strong Common Application essay that reflects your personal growth, you’ve submitted your transcript and test scores, and you’ve selected your recommenders. It’s time to write the Why Boston University Essay! The prompt asks:

What about being a student at Boston University most excites you? (250 words)

If you’ve done your research, you should have a lot to say in response to this prompt! However, you may find it challenging to narrow your essay down to the single aspect of life at BU that most excites you. In this guide, we’ll help you answer the prompt with an essay that showcases why you belong at BU.


Step One: Your Personal Mission

What is the single factor that matters most in your college search? Is it:

  • The rigor of your chosen academic program?
  • The opportunity to conduct research as an undergrad?
  • The availability of professional internships in the surrounding community?
  • Something else?

Spend five minutes free-writing about why the factor you identified matters to you. How has your background informed your goals? What do you want the reader to know about your identity?

When your five minutes are up, review what you wrote and craft your personal mission statement. You can use this template for inspiration, but don’t feel bound to it!

Because I ______________, I am most excited to ______________.


Step Two: Connect Your Mission to BU

If you answer the Why Boston University essay prompt with a focused personal mission statement, you’ll have the freedom to highlight multiple resources at BU. Comb through BU’s website to find classes, student organizations, and other resources that can help you further your personal mission.

Let’s look at an example student’s profile:

Mission Statement: I believe passionately in the importance of journalism as a tool for informing the populace. Because I aim to become a political reporter, I am most excited to further my journalistic education at BU, in and out of the classroom.



  • Journalism courses such as “Covering Politics” and “Reporting in Depth”
  • A minor in political science
  • Internship with Washington Journalism Center
  • Student activities including writing for the Daily Free Press and joining the Society of Professional Journalists


Step Three: Write!

From here, your path to a strong Why Boston University essay should be clear. You’ll begin with your personal mission statement, then share the aspects of student life at BU that fulfill your mission and excite you!


While this essay is the only required Boston University supplement, you also have the opportunity to include additional information, materials, or writing samples in your application. If extenuating circumstances affected your academic performance during high school, you may wish to provide an explanation. In addition, if you’ve won awards for your writing or art, you can absolutely submit a creative portfolio!


A number of specialized programs require additional essays:

  • Kilachand Honors College
  • Accelerated Program in Liberal Arts and Medicine
  • Trustees Scholarship application


Happy writing!

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DT Wang
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