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How to Write a Great “Describe an Activity” Essay | Guide and Examples

How to "Describe an Activity" on the Common App in 5 steps, including how to choose which extracurricular, with full outlines for every type of extracurricular supplemental essay.

How to Write a Strong “Why Major” Essay | 2022-23

Colleges use the Why Major application essay to see if you’re likely to be an academic success in that subject. Answer with concrete examples of your aptitude for the subject.

The 5-part strategy for great college supplements | 2022-23

How to write supplemental college admissions essays, including Why Us, Why Major, Describe an activity. What admissions officers look for in short essays.

The 5 Traits Colleges Look for in Applicants

Colleges require essays so they can assess whether you'll be successful in college and beyond. To prove you'll be successful, you must describe experiences you've had that showcase the 5 traits.

Purpose of College Essays

The purpose of college essays is to prove you'll be successful in college and beyond.