The College Essay


The Secret to a Winning Common App Activities List 2021-22

How to write a strong Common App Activities List. What admissions officers are looking for; how to avoid common mistakes; how to write succinctly.

The Complete Guide to the Common App Personal Statement 2021

How to write a Common App personal statement that impresses college admissions officers. How to choose the prompt, and write a strong essay quickly.

Mastering the Art of Brainstorming

Here are four of the most popular methods of brainstorming that should help you hone in on your topic and devise your supporting points.

Understanding Yourself

Before embarking on your college application, you should reflect. Understanding yourself will help shape the character of your application.

The Myth of the Well-Rounded Applicant

The myth that colleges seek only well-rounded students leads to millions of rejections every year. Prompt explains how to overcome this myth and be spikey!

Writing Your Introduction

The introduction is the most important part of your college admissions essay. Your reader’s first impression can either make or break your application.