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Update: Changes to the Wake Forest Application Essays

We have a new, updated guide to the Wake Forest Application essays!  Check it out!

Wake Forest has made wording changes to two short answer questions and changed the prompts for four short essays.

Change of wording:

  • Tell us how a work of fiction you’ve read has helped you to understand the world’s complexity. (300 words)
  • What piques your intellectual curiosity, and why? (150 words)


Change of prompt:

  • As part of our “Voices of Our Time” series — which allows students, faculty, and staff to hear from some of the world’s leading thinkers — Wake Forest has hosted Ta-Nehisi Coates, Michelle Alexander, Eboo Patel, and Thomas Friedman. If you could choose the next series speaker, whom would you pick, and why? (150 words)
  • At Wake Forest, we gather our students in “Calls to Conversation,” congregating small groups around dinner tables in faculty’s and administrators’ homes to discuss topics organized around a theme, for example “arts for social change,” “gender in society,” and “leading a meaningful life.” If you could design a theme for a “Call to Conversation,” what would you choose, and why? (150 words)
  • We live in an age intensely interested in heroes. Professor Joseph Campbell defined “hero” as “someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Describe a hero in public life and how and why, in your opinion, they meet Professor Campbell’s definition. (150 words)
  • We are all different, and our lived experiences — influenced by our culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and/or religion — shape our understanding of the world. How have your experiences shaped your development, and how do you plan to use those experiences to interact and engage with others who might be different from you within our Wake Forest Community? (no word limit)


The following prompts have remained the same:

Give us your top ten list and theme (100 characters for each)

How did you become interested in Wake Forest University and why are you applying? (150 words)

Books in Brief

  • List five books you have read that intrigued you. (Author, Title)
  • As part of my high school English curriculum, I was required to read (100 characters):
  • I would have liked to replace it with (100 characters):
  • The required book I was most surprised I enjoyed was (100 characters):


For last year's guide, click here.

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